Preens [verb]

Definition of Preens:

admire and clean oneself

Synonyms of Preens:

Opposite/Antonyms of Preens:


Sentence/Example of Preens:

It is these on which they preen themselves, these by which they judge and condemn others.

A penny hain'd's a penny clear, and a preen a-day's a groat a-year.

He that winna lout and lift a preen will ne'er be worth a groat.

But when they got indoors, Mr. Preen let loose the vials of his wrath upon Oliver.

Not much more work there than Preen can do himself, I expect.

A mutton chop was served with it for Mr. Preen, as he had lost his dinner.

This he handed to Preen, together with a sheet of paper, that he might give a receipt.

But the half hours and the hours had passed on, and Mr. Preen had not yet returned.

Preen did not seem pleased, Emma did; and made all the room she could, by crushing me.

And Mr. Preen only answered by looking at her and shutting down the window.