Prefaces [noun]

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Contenting himself with this preface, Roderick began to read.

The Maxims were first published in 1665, with a preface by Segrais.

His wife had been very ill when he wrote the preface; soon afterwards she was dead.

It forms the preface to an American edition of my so-called Fairy Tales.

Drafts for the dedication, the preface, and for a work on Esthetics.

As a sort of preface to his remarks, I would like to say a word or two about that bath-tub.

THE preface to a book serves the double purpose of prologue and epilogue.

It merely proves that Dannar's statement in the preface of his Thesis is correct.

Alarmed by his preface, she raised her eyes and looked him in the face.

And now, Socrates, to make an end of my preface, I am ready to tell you the whole tale.