Prefatory [adjective]

Definition of Prefatory:


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Sentence/Example of Prefatory:

In this prefatory note I confine myself to the career of the younger sister.

With these prefatory remarks, I will give the legend as recorded by Giraldus.

Moleto's prefatory letter to Vita dell' Ammiraglio, April 25, 1571.

She was wanting to correct the proofs of the book and rewrite the prefatory memoir.

I did it in a prefatory note to a book of mine called Tom Sawyer.

Sordid dialogue, prefatory to the thin story of the plot, began.

At this prefatory remark Yudushka would grow green with rage.

With this war I design to conclude my prefatory sketch and my second book.

But she paused an instant at a prefatory cough from the handmaiden.

Unfortunately for my desires, I can only be prefatory in the case of my own.