Preferably [adverb]

Definition of Preferably:

by preference

Synonyms of Preferably:

Opposite/Antonyms of Preferably:


Sentence/Example of Preferably:

The cathode is preferably formed of the same metal which is to be obtained.

Then I'd pity and laugh at him, and I go to him preferably to any other magistrate.

This should have a drawer, preferably near the right-hand end of the bench.

Affix them to the bench by nails or screws, preferably the latter.

Cook spinach in its own juices (preferably in double boiler).

The lining should be a shade of green, preferably dark green.

Preferably, this thermometer should be of the recording type.

This can be done out of doors or under cover of a shed, but preferably in the shed.

You must always be with one or the other of us—preferably me.

They did something for you, and you paid them—preferably not too much—and they ceased to be.