Prefers [verb]

Definition of Prefers:

favor; single out

Synonyms of Prefers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prefers:

Sentence/Example of Prefers:

It may be that he can prefer thee to some post about the minster.

It is on Mr. Haley's account that I prefer to keep it secret.

Other things being equal, people of six prefer that man who is tallest.

You wadna have me to believe, Captain Smith, that the lady does not prefer you to him?

Shall I sing the chorus now or would you prefer to hear it later.

I prefer to sit with my hands folded and watch the rest of you work.

Tell me (I have a right to know) whether you prefer this man to all others?

The immense majority of us prefer a God at second or third hand.

We prefer the cool, quiet dining-room, which we have to ourselves, after all.

I prefer that you should give them to another person to carry.