Prefixed [verb]

Definition of Prefixed:

join, fasten

Synonyms of Prefixed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prefixed:

Sentence/Example of Prefixed:

The name was commonplace, Wilkins, but was prefixed by the more unusual Feodor.

It was the first time in his life that he had seen "Mr." prefixed to his name.

So he made ready for the feast, and a day was prefixed when they should be wedded.

To the Reader, prefixed to translation of Eclogues of Mantuan, 1567.

He frowned at this a moment, then prefixed another word, making it "My Antonia."

References to supplementary sources are prefixed to each chapter.

The argument is sufficiently shown by what is prefixed to this poem.

Harrison, Description of England prefixed to Holinshed, chap.

Prefixed to an edition in one volume published by Spiers, 1840.

The "Numbers" with which they are prefixed appear to be of General Wayne's own addition.