Prefixing [verb]

Definition of Prefixing:

join, fasten

Synonyms of Prefixing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prefixing:

Sentence/Example of Prefixing:

In prefixing to most of his laws a prooemium he has two ends in view, to persuade and also to threaten.

It is formed by prefixing to or till, in certain cases with for in addition.

In that language the negative of the verb was formed by prefixing a particle, ne.

We have an instance of this prefixing of the genitive in Temp.

It is formed by prefixing had (hadst) to the past participle.

It is formed by prefixing have (hast, has) to the past participle.

If there are not figures enough in the quotient, the deficiency must be supplied by prefixing left-hand ciphers.

The sex of the brute creation is most commonly denoted by prefixing the words Ibai, male, and Nzhai, female.

The subjunctive is made by prefixing the word kishpin, meaning if.

A brother gives the book to the world, prefixing a memoir of the author modelled after Butler.