Pregnant [adjective]

Definition of Pregnant:

carrying developing offspring within the body

Synonyms of Pregnant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pregnant:

Sentence/Example of Pregnant:

His tone was pregnant with alarm, though he strove to make it merely complaining.

And that Madame Gaudron was pregnant again; this was almost indecent at her age.

Like the calm of the heavens when pregnant with thunder was the calm of that crowd.

Let us put our pride in our pockets for a moment and try to answer that pregnant question.

It was a wild wintry scene, pregnant with cold and hardship.

All the instants that came after were to be pregnant with purpose and intolerable with perplexity.

Its taking is pregnant with wide changes in the pathway of future civilization.

Mrs. Travers had never been looked at before with that strange and pregnant abstraction.

The fact, to him so pregnant of woeful possibilities, meant little to Bettina.

In fact, all history is pregnant with traces of the Negro element.