Prehensile [adjective]

Definition of Prehensile:

eager to obtain knowledge or things

Synonyms of Prehensile:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prehensile:


Sentence/Example of Prehensile:

And where is his monkey that first lost the prehensile power to climb trees?

Not all the monkeys of America possess this prehensile power of tail.

What is wanted is the comprehensive hand, and not the prehensile tail.

The tip of its tail, strange to say, is prehensile, just like that of a spider-monkey.

They form, in some sort, the prehensile organs which seize the aliment.

The tail is very long and prehensile, like that of the sapajous.

The first of the sub-families includes the monkeys with prehensile tails.

The prehensile part of the tail is naked and of extreme sensibility.

The Parson drew up his "prehensile muscles," as he called them.

This is particularly true of the prehensile power of the foot.