Preliminary [adjective]

Definition of Preliminary:

introductory, initial

Synonyms of Preliminary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Preliminary:

Sentence/Example of Preliminary:

The time expended in these preliminary lessons will be well spent.

To return from this preliminary digression to the examinations.

As a preliminary to acquiring it is he to be shut out from the society of his fellows?

The first of these preliminary processes is that which is done by the sliver-lapper.

The same end may be attained without any preliminary process.

Then I will try again; you will understand me better when I have made some preliminary remarks.

That he will, if he may be allowed to make one or two preliminary remarks.

But, before going further, there are some preliminary matters which have to be considered.

Our excavating this season will be but preliminary, of course owing to our late start.

"I tried to buy that fly paper we wanted today," he observed, as a preliminary.