Prelude [noun]

Definition of Prelude:

beginning of event

Synonyms of Prelude:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prelude:

Sentence/Example of Prelude:

What they do regard it as, is a menace to their independence, and a prelude to annexation.

Obscurity of station or of birth has no tendency to prelude the favour of God.

What came before the retiring could have been but a prelude.

Hell's Half-Acre was a prelude to ten or twelve miles of geyser formation.

They have made the prelude, and the importance of their role has passed.

Cornelius was very uneasy about it, but it was after all only a prelude to greater anxieties.

This frightful noise was only the prelude of a most violent tempest.

They are but the prelude of that scene that shall shortly feast my eyes.

Do you not know that all this is but the prelude to the actual strain which we have to learn?

The prelude is charming, and is already accepted by us—may we beg of you to proceed to the strain?