Premise [noun]

Definition of Premise:

hypothesis, argument

Synonyms of Premise:

Opposite/Antonyms of Premise:

Sentence/Example of Premise:

I fully agree with the premise, but not with the conclusion.

Now that the first shock was over, she saw that there was every reason to premise a Mrs. Bast.

This I premise we will do as we pass from stage to stage in the development of the theory.

And I must premise, without attempting to justify them, certain explanations.

Admit the premise that to be virtuous is to escape whipping, the argument is logical.

It is needless to premise, that my table is large enough to hold the ladies.

It may be well to premise a brief indication of the method which I have adopted.

I might premise by saying that my father was an enthusiastic Britisher.

But the argument is simplified by lopping off the greater part of the premise.

But let me premise that all do not belong to every instance of trance.