Premised [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Premised:

You naturally ask about the future, which can only be premised.

Now, it must be premised that Deadwood had recently chosen a sheriff.

This premised, and I trust accepted, let us enter upon our task.

And first, there is premised a common corollary drawne out of the 24.

This, and enough, premised, I go souse into my personal history.

It must be premised, however, that they had not then seen the supper, which was truly regal.

I thought it had been premised that we were not to talk of the past.

The footpath by the river, as the master had premised, was well protected.

I have premised its antiquity, which is of two sorts, as is that of a nobleman.

The advantages of this course, as we premised in the beginning of our speech, are many.