Premiums [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Premiums:

If she gits a premium for puttin' up gardin-sass, I'll warrant there'll be a to-do.

Also, a premium can be contracted for, in the way of free association, for skilled labour.

Although why should there be such a premium placed on intelligence, he wondered.

Now, good food is cheap while skilled labor is at a premium.

My dear father bought them—I should not be surprised to learn that he bought them at a premium.

If they ever touched a premium for a day, that is certainly the day that he would have hit upon to buy.

Thrown completely out of gear by the premium of 3-1/2 per cent.

I pay over the money for your scrip, and you pocket a premium.

"I don't believe they would give you the first premium," said Cornelia.

Well, of all the foolhardy, cowardly tricks, I believe that takes the premium!