Premonitory [adjective]

Definition of Premonitory:

menacing, foreboding

Opposite/Antonyms of Premonitory:

Sentence/Example of Premonitory:

"These are only premonitory symptoms, after all," said Barrington, laughing.

Hence the importance of a knowledge of this premonitory symptom.

Premonitory signs of this change of front were soon visible at Berlin.

Without even a premonitory shout a pony bolted for us, from their huddle.

There is a kind of premonitory apology implied in my saying this, I am aware.

There was already a premonitory touch of autumn in the bright air.

Soon "Old Faithful" gives the premonitory symptoms of an eruption.

As for the premonitory symptoms, they are in the air for several weeks.

Meanwhile, a premonitory symptom of revolution had occurred in Geneva.

A certain clouding of the iris began to show, premonitory of color-deposit.