Preoccupation [noun]

Definition of Preoccupation:


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Sentence/Example of Preoccupation:

He is the one thing that is hated, and the only preoccupation.

It was impossible for her to conceal her preoccupation and anxiety.

“No doubt it is the preoccupation of genius,” remarked Mrs. Dickens.

The office force noticed his preoccupation and commented upon it.

Despite his preoccupation, Captain Zelotes could not help smiling.

Often across this preoccupation there flitted a thought of the Richlings.

The youth saw the preoccupation, and arose to take his leave.

In this preoccupation he almost forgot the fear of her presence.

The selfishness, the preoccupation, the anti-republicanism of these, are proverbial.

The preoccupation with form had developed in him as complement of his nature.