Preoccupied [adjective]

Definition of Preoccupied:

busy; mentally caught up in something

Opposite/Antonyms of Preoccupied:

Sentence/Example of Preoccupied:

His mind had been so preoccupied that he had forgotten about the ditch.

But Eli ate sparingly, and with a preoccupied and solemn look.

"She hasn't any tolerance in her, anyhow," and he was grave and preoccupied all through dinner.

He'll never benefit himself in that way, patient and preoccupied workman.

Long, as if the person knocking were preoccupied in mind, and forgot to leave off.

The traveler was certainly too hurried and preoccupied to think of doughnuts.

Something else preoccupied Alice: she had just been surprised by an odd experience.

Ora and Detis were very quiet and preoccupied when they entered the Nomad.

For a long while he was preoccupied by an intense desire to assuage it.

She had been preoccupied for some moments past, and a question was on her lips.