Prep [adjective]

Definition of Prep:

introductory, basic

Synonyms of Prep:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prep:

Sentence/Example of Prep:

I know you; likewise the president of this chorus was in my prep.

"He's at Prep now, but he'll enter Yale next year," she ended proudly.

I flunked in geometry at the prep school I attended last year.

Alfred and Jack went every morning to the “Prep” school in Dorchester.

As it is, I know this sort of thing goes on the whole of prep.

Think what fun there must have been at a prep school in those days.

On the last evening of grace I was seated in Loring's study after prep.

They did not, as a rule, patronize him because of his being a prep.

And that is all I am going to tell of; what 246 Symington the prep.

"Come in, Symington," said one of the fellows that knew the prep.