Preparatory [adjective]

Definition of Preparatory:

introductory, basic

Synonyms of Preparatory:

Opposite/Antonyms of Preparatory:

Sentence/Example of Preparatory:

In these last respects it is a preparatory study for "Othello."

The Preparatory Schools of Ruffianism are similarly borne with.

This preparatory work occupied the whole of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Mr. Babbitt waved his fists again, preparatory to another outburst.

As a preparatory tonic I'd recommend strawberries and cream.

This famous college is one of the preparatory schools for the universities.

Someone was shutting an umbrella in the doorway, preparatory to entering the shop.

Nor did the company fail to participate in these preparatory schoolings.

I feel as if I had eternity behind me, I've been in the Preparatory so long.

She hastened to put on her jacket, preparatory to leaving the house.