Prepared [adjective]

Definition of Prepared:

ready in body or mind

Synonyms of Prepared:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prepared:

Sentence/Example of Prepared:

All is prepared—the table and the feast— With due appurtenance of clothes and cushions.

I don't think it will, mind, but it's best to be prepared, so give me the key.

"Give this to Mr. Ware," she said to the stable boy as she prepared to get into the dog-cart.

He was prepared to talk all night on the subject of Toddles.

Could this be all the obstruction I was prepared to open a pass through?

What my inner self may be I am not prepared to say, but I know that it is there, as everyone else knows that it is in him.

This etext was prepared from the original 1821 edition and the 1948 edition.

As long as a majority was prepared, it was wasting money to conciliate any body else.

When an eggplant is prepared in this way, it will appear as in Fig. 16.

Mr. Roberts, at least, was prepared to appreciate its transformation.