Prepayments [noun]

Definition of Prepayments:

money given beforehand

Synonyms of Prepayments:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prepayments:

Sentence/Example of Prepayments:

In the Hub they are known as Prepayment cars—its precision is unrelenting.

Credited with all discounts earned by the prepayment of bills.

These were required for prepayment of soldiers' letters to the United Kingdom.

This simplification was to be secured by the introduction of the system of prepayment, and the principle of charging by weight.

With the introduction of postage stamps we now find the first regulations for encouraging the prepayment of postal articles.

For this purpose copper tokens of the value of two annas were struck which were available for the prepayment of postage.

This prepayment is of great importance, considering the poverty of the weaver.

The prepayment of foreign letters was one of the most difficult subjects discussed.

Apparently the older lawyer had been paid the one hundred dollars, for prepayment was customary in Virginia at the time.

(c) Prepayment of parliamentary proceedings is optional throughout the United Kingdom.