Preposterously [adverb]

Definition of Preposterously:


Synonyms of Preposterously:

Opposite/Antonyms of Preposterously:


Sentence/Example of Preposterously:

Very often, too, the conceit embodied is preposterously poor.

In filling up some of the gaps he might have been preposterously wrong.

Well, that doesn't seem so preposterously difficult does it?

I love rubies, and this is a beauty, and not preposterously big.

Then for your means to advancement, there it is simple, and not preposterously mixed.

As a matter of course, the vessels are preposterously overcrowded.

I had grown—that was what was the matter with me—precipitately, preposterously anxious.

And yet, how preposterously she had accounted for his conduct!

That is, of course, preposterously false throughout the service.

The praise is fulsome, exaggerated, and often preposterously untrue.