Prepping [noun]

Definition of Prepping:

exercise, application

Synonyms of Prepping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prepping:

Sentence/Example of Prepping:

We’ve got gravy recipes you can prep in advance and finish on the day of, we’ve got gravy you can make last minute, with or without alcohol, and with or without roux.

You’re paying for additional prep, hand cleaning stations and with the biggest costs of testing for all crew, agency, client and talent.

In response to this reporting, the IRS launched an internal review, which resulted in major changes to its deal with the tax-prep industry.

If you are considering getting a coronavirus test at an airport, some pre-swab prep is required, starting with checking the travel requirements of your destination.

Then when I’m up at the crack of dawn to start the day’s prep, I just turn on the oven and toss them in.

If you have time and energy for some additional prep, we highly endorse this rustic sweet-and-sour dip from Ina Garten.

That’s how this vaccine preps the body to deal with the coronavirus.

We also saw that the first few hours of team shifts each day had time to integrate more prep work without adding too much complication.

Today’s Sunday Magazine is a deep dive to prep you for Tuesday — and beyond, as a mass of mail in votes could stretch the drama for weeks.

That might not be good for your nerves, but makes for ideal timing for a disaster prep app.