Prerequisites [noun]

Definition of Prerequisites:

condition, necessity

Synonyms of Prerequisites:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prerequisites:

Sentence/Example of Prerequisites:

The necessary "prerequisites" are not yet in existence, is their assertion.

Prerequisites to Socialism, in relation to each other, 113-117.

It is held up as one of the prerequisites for entrance to any profession.

German blood is one of the prerequisites for party membership.

To know what it is that makes for interest is one of the prerequisites of good teaching.

Education, as well as a blooded horse in the stables, and all the other prerequisites of a young blue-grass grandee.

That self-expression, and therefore freedom of choice and movement, are prerequisites to a satisfying human state.

Faith in God and genuine repentance are prerequisites to effective baptism.

Other considerations might be urged on the young of both sexes, as prerequisites to a hopeful and a happy marriage.

Order, in any other sense, stands only for a part of the prerequisites of good government, not for its idea and essence.