Presage [noun]

Definition of Presage:

prediction, indication

Synonyms of Presage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Presage:


Sentence/Example of Presage:

For a moment there was a pause, as if at a presage of disaster.

Fatal words they were,—the presage of the mishap they threatened!

In the early spring of 1784 Diderot had an attack which he knew to be the presage of the end.

But the softness in the Christmas air did not presage a thaw.

Thus she left him without so much as a backward glance to presage future favour.

Then for a long while she could not sleep at night and was haunted by a presage of disaster.

Transient thought of that which shall be, presage of better rest?

Such conspiracies were the presage of what was soon to happen in Germany.

It must have some presage of the result before it will turn its energies to its attainment.

Then, in sooth, by the rule of contraries, a fall should presage humility's reward.