Presentations [noun]

Definition of Presentations:

performance; something given, displayed

Opposite/Antonyms of Presentations:

Sentence/Example of Presentations:

Such an excitement as there was in the drawing-room while the presentations were going on!

Louis himself was compelled, much against his will, to make some of these presentations.

I was being worked to death with meetings and presentations and contracts, and all that.

The presentations over, the Rani then rose to address the gathering.

The addresses and presentations which she most valued came from working-men.

Dr. Alexander Hamilton, in 1784, also speaks favourably of these presentations.

The forceps is also occasionally required in presentations of the face and nates.

There had been 148 donations received and 761 presentations of antiquities.

Perhaps only an exile from these things will get the range of the other half of James's presentations!

Then, since so many awards were to be made, the business of presentations began.