Presented [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Presented:

The week elapsed, and at the end of it, I had not presented myself at his residence.

The budget of the session of 1882 was presented by Mr. Gladstone April 24th.

He gripped the pistols by the barrels, crossed them, and presented the butts to Austin.

My uncle Antony presented him to me, as a gentleman he had a particular friendship for.

Master received him with cordiality, and presented him to mistress.

It is in my mind, young sir, that you have not been presented before.

Aggie presented the truth more subtly than could have been expected from her.

They are presented as good and evil, as vice and virtue, as villainy and heroism.

The phallic meaning of all this is evident; and a kind of Trinity is presented to us, viz.

And did she tell you that Mrs. Sloane Schuyler begged to have her presented?