Presenting [verb]

Definition of Presenting:

introduce; demonstrate

Synonyms of Presenting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Presenting:

Sentence/Example of Presenting:

He was for ever showing and presenting it, as it were, to every creature whom he saw.

I am not to be buried there, prejudged, and without any means of presenting my case?

I thank the writer for his argument, and his courteous manner of presenting it.

I think he was rather glad of the excuse for not presenting his reasons.

I was working for you, Auguste, in view of presenting you with a token of friendship.

Also the gracious condescension in presenting the prizes with her own hand.

In the act of presenting it, the lieutenant was carried off by a cannon-ball.

Various methods of presenting Accountancy have been suggested.

"Doctor Tiernay, Mr. Cashel," said Kennyfeck, presenting the stranger.

"I am proud to make your acquaintance, Sir Brook," said he, presenting his hand.