Presentments [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Presentments:

His presentment at the arched loophole in his stockade was formidable.

Poor Lovejoy's letter reads as if he had a presentment of his coming doom.

She gazed at it, fascinated, as one is by one's own presentment.

He was wondering if his presentment about Julia as the great thing in his life had been an illusion.

All these things Verse disposes, and composes, in One Presentment.

Five years later a Presentment for the whole parish cost 13s.

The Heimliche Acht is a presentment not traversable by the offender.

That is a presentment of activity which manifests blue and the rest.

But the presentment of the possibility had shaken the foundations of the world.

There is that presentment and the quiet is not so sound but that there can be a change of origin.