Presents [noun]

Definition of Presents:

existing time

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Sentence/Example of Presents:

Instead, it presents, what all too few of us to-day possess, a philosophy of life.

All the second story had been prepared for guests and presents.

Peter was not in the habit of making her presents of flowers.

Besides the great feast, presents were given to all present, high and low.

This is quite as much why they make him presents, as because they know him to be needy.

Then there were some presents from friends—pieces of work from humble admirers.

It took about fifty of us several hours to distribute these presents.

We invited them within our fenced camp, where we loaded each man with presents.

They gave me presents, sought to make my acquaintance, and did me great honour.

Presents to Indians to consist chiefly of arms, ammunition, and whisky.