Preservation [noun]

Definition of Preservation:

maintenance, protection

Synonyms of Preservation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Preservation:

Sentence/Example of Preservation:

They are the preservation of the rights of the several States and the integrity of the Union.

And they have the political power still, if they only had the sense to use it for their preservation.

The preservation of 'free soil for free men,' will alone be satisfactory.

The 'suprema lex' was the preservation of the family, and the interest of the State.

Tradition told them of many destructions of mankind and of the preservation of a remnant.

And memory is the preservation of consciousness, and reminiscence is the recovery of consciousness.

It is the preservation of what we have been, and the addition of something more.

Next to religion, the preservation of the constitution is the first object of the law.

I say,” replied Aristodemus, “that it is an effect of his great care for their preservation.

His special sphere in the restoration and preservation of the old was in lyrical poetry.