Preserved [verb]

Definition of Preserved:

care for, maintain; continue

Synonyms of Preserved:

Opposite/Antonyms of Preserved:

Sentence/Example of Preserved:

The child was preserved, and brought up in the temple of Phœbus.

I have told you how the Egyptians preserved speech by means of little figures.

Our Confederacy, fellow-citizens, can only be preserved by the same forbearance.

You must not forget that these good signori who have preserved us are also English.

She went a little pale over her mistakes, but preserved her dignity and her wits.

Under the circumstances, it is surprising how much of plainness women have preserved.

He preserved his wooden expression of countenance and turned towards her.

It is gathered, roasted and preserved whole in bags for winter use.

Some of his models have been preserved in the Anatomical Museum at Heidelberg.

This form of the story is preserved in Ethelwerd and in William of Malmesbury.