Preserving [verb]

Definition of Preserving:

care for, maintain; continue

Synonyms of Preserving:

Opposite/Antonyms of Preserving:

Sentence/Example of Preserving:

I had no means of preserving a specimen, but I took a drawing of one.

Then mash them in a preserving kettle and add the sugar to them.

I was much interested in preserving the integrity of my neck.

But then there was the problem of preserving the civilization of the inner planets.

How did the universities help in preserving the ancient knowledge?

Temperance in diet and exercise, with frequent washing and bathing, are the best means of preserving a healthful countenance.

We eat them in quantities; pickling, preserving, and drying them sometimes.

These are the principal means of preserving the state, but perpetual care will also be required.

"May we all be ripe for the great gathering, and good for preserving, too," said Csar.

The trade with England depends on the peace which we have been instrumental in preserving.