Presided [verb]

Definition of Presided:

be in authority

Synonyms of Presided:

Opposite/Antonyms of Presided:

Sentence/Example of Presided:

No, sir, you won the game for us, and you've got to preside at the dinner!

Later he was to become a Spiritualist and preside at table-tipping seances.

And it's yourself as Deputy-Governor will preside over that same court-martial.

The Sanitary Commission I preside over is not in favour with the populace.

No one in particular, and I'm willing you should preside if you want to, Martin.

The concert was advertised, Lee and Thirlwall to preside at the piano.

It is exactly the opposite to the American position; in which the President does not preside at all.

Because I have seen you preside over the Correctional Court.

He had believed her to be planning to preside in the Mountain Avenue mansion.

I should prefer the Bishop of London, over the meeting to preside.