Pressed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Pressed:

And Dick took Mary's hand in a warm clasp, pressed it tenderly.

His expression grew morose, as again he pressed the button on his desk.

He pressed the button on his desk, and, as the doorman appeared, addressed that functionary.

He pressed the button-call, and ordered the doorman to send in Cassidy.

They were the hands that Ned had kissed, as he had mine; clasped and pressed, as he had—how could he!

Presently he grasped Mrs. Ritter's hand, and pressed it almost painfully.

With these words he pressed the half-gulden into Stineli's hand.

He pressed the child's hand, turned him about, and went into the house.

For a minute, without speaking, Angelique pressed Felicien's hands in hers.

Linda laid her palm on the top of the sand heap and pressed it flat.