Presume [verb]

Definition of Presume:

make assumption; believe

Synonyms of Presume:

Opposite/Antonyms of Presume:

Sentence/Example of Presume:

I do not presume to decide whether all that is believed has the inward significancy.

"As long as the party is in the right, I presume, you mean," said Vivian.

I presume half our people, on a pinch, could have brought the Sterling in.

I will not presume to think of entering her presence, or my papa's without leave.

Nothing can be done, Madam, I must presume to say, if this gentleman's address be the end.

And who will presume to look upon such an act of violence as a marriage?

Consequently, I presume he introduced it as daily life—his own and the life of his friends.

I did it, I presume, simply because I'm a schemer at heart, and I knew it would work.

I do not presume to dictate to you your friendships or your dislikes.

My mother had been his favorite niece, they say; I presume that was why he cared for me.