Presumed [verb]

Definition of Presumed:

make assumption; believe

Synonyms of Presumed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Presumed:

Sentence/Example of Presumed:

But I presumed she had some other view in coming to me, than she had hitherto acquainted me with.

With them, the crook is presumed guilty at the outset of whatever may be charged against him.

He had not thought much about it, but he presumed that in a sense she was.

It is to be presumed that the major was less bewildered than he looked.

Although we find religion against us, we have not yet presumed those who do.

He presumed far this afternoon—only the man's position saved him with me!

All observed this sudden change, though no one presumed to comment on it.

It was presumed, at least, that everyone was singing a prayer for the heathen.

Said she presumed likely you'd want to open 'em by yourself.

You are wrong, and since you presumed to judge me then you must listen to me now.