Presuppositions [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Presuppositions:

His own will is presupposition for being hypnotized and for realizing the suggestion.

Consciousness is the presupposition for the existence of the psychical objects.

Uniformity of law is the condition and presupposition of all our thinking.

This is the presupposition which we must explain and make good.

This presupposition is not stated, and is not implied in the form of the syllogism.

The presupposition is really a condition of geometrical thinking at all.

His problem is to discover the presupposition of this presupposition.

Kant's doctrine, however, does not conform to this presupposition.

On the life of the family, then, as a presupposition, all systems of Education must be built.

For the critic cannot enlighten or satisfy the masses with his presupposition, Man.