Pretended [adjective]

Definition of Pretended:

alleged; imaginary

Synonyms of Pretended:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pretended:

Sentence/Example of Pretended:

She pretended that at first she took young Bines for what we all took him, an employee of the mine.

Her mother laughed merrily, and pretended to box her daughter's ears.

And he pretended he had got it, and read me such a beautiful letter from his mother!

"You've always said she hadn't, and pretended to be glad of it; I won't contradict," I returned.

I did not love you; I do not think I have pretended to love you.

She pretended to be a cleaner and mender of lace, but she sold a good many other things.

Mimi always pretended to be Siegfried's father, and he pretended to love Siegfried.

As for doing what he asked, she pretended not to have made up her mind.

But it is pretended that some causes are necessary, some not necessary.

I could never have been of any use, if I had not pretended a little.'