Pretender [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pretender:

He has an air, it is true, but his air is not a breeze, like the air of a pretender to fashion.

The moment might be propitious to the pretender, however false his claim.

And yet you see after all I am like to turn out only a pretender.

A particular account of the "Pretender's Magazine" is extant.

The General asked him "if he had been along with the Pretender?"

Is it to the emblem of the House of York, or the badge of the Pretender?

Some say the Pretender was in the battle, and wounded; but others say he was not.

(p. 300) He will not acknowledge him to have any right to the title, and calls him a pretender.

The brothers went to Lorraine in May 1436, to see the pretender.

She said that was not known; it had been supposed a likeness of the Pretender, when young.