Pretentious [adjective]

Definition of Pretentious:

snobbish, conceited

Opposite/Antonyms of Pretentious:

Sentence/Example of Pretentious:

It is the most pretentious feature of the book, and in its way about as good as any.

The house, too, had a pretentious air about it that promised well.

And Marion delivered this speech with a most oracular and pretentious tone.

The High Light proved to be the most pretentious resort in Goldpan.

Let no one rashly pronounce me a coxcomb, vain and pretentious, for all this.

I told him, and at once there was a most pretentious hubbub.

It had a lofty and pretentious brick church of a modern type.

But the Liszt Ballade is so empty, so pretentious, so affected!

His court, while it is one of the least pretentious in Europe, is yet one of the most refined.

It was then, if I do say it, the most pretentious home in the city.