Pretermitted [verb]

Definition of Pretermitted:

be indifferent, leave alone

Opposite/Antonyms of Pretermitted:

Sentence/Example of Pretermitted:

What precisely is meant by 'ideal' is a question which for the moment I pretermit.

We will pretermit these absurd and silly men: but, Cousin Lucian!

Then there are all manner of the ordinary maladies of humanity, which I pretermit.

He greeted me with a brief nod and a grim smile, but did not pretermit his paternal functions.

We mean to visit this to-morrow; so I may pretermit further mention of it here.

We pretermit events more or less irritating to follow the urbane Englishman.

As it is so cold, I think you may pass the word to pretermit the rounds to-night—save two.

Here follow in Mr. Plush's MS. about twenty-four pages of railroad calculations, which we pretermit.

It cannot be demanded of me to pretermit, because of my crime, the duty more strongly required of me because of the crime.

But all will be expected, in the ensuing term, to proceed to those which they now pretermit.