Pretexts [noun]

Definition of Pretexts:

disguise; alleged reason

Synonyms of Pretexts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pretexts:





Sentence/Example of Pretexts:

Now, by some pretext, by some wile, he must live to see her once more.

The pretext is none of mine; it's hers, and she shall have enough of it.'

His son, who was then at Court with him, was, upon the pretext of a liaison with Mdlle.

She had not got at all wet when standing under the window, and had said so only as a pretext to get him to let her in.

I lived for men on the pretext of living for God, while she lived for God imagining that she lives for men.

Here, also, he had a pretext to break off impending agreements.

I said there were two things to discuss, the pretext and the execution.

When Blanche's husband offered him work, he found some pretext for avoiding it.

His pretext for seeking Blood must still be that he needed medical assistance.

You refuse to cross swords with me on the pretext that you do not fight men of my stamp.