Pretties [verb]

Definition of Pretties:

admire and clean oneself

Synonyms of Pretties:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pretties:


Sentence/Example of Pretties:

So many of her presents were practical and she prefers the 'pretties.'

Then, “But ain't that Helen about the pretties' thing you ever seed?”

Come along then, my pretties, come along and wait in the drorin-room.

Think of that and in a town full of the pretties' women in thish state.

In the morning you'll be better able to enjoy all your pretties.

These pretties are so delicate there is always danger of breaking the stems.

One time I had $10.00 saved up an' I bought lots o' pretties wid it.

Peartes', pretties' chile I ever see—an' I had six o' my own—an' the frien'lies'!

Th' old buck is dead, an' we want some o' them pretties he hid away inside.

By the time it was ended the boat was at a standstill on the little backwater below the pretties of the sluices.