Prettiest [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Prettiest:

We had supper, and that night was one of the prettiest nights I ever see.

She had been the prettiest maiden of the Valley, beyond all others.

But I still give yours the prettiest, though the other is so dear to me.

Julia was one of his scholars, and perhaps the prettiest of them all.

This was one of the prettiest sights from the beach at "The Runs."

When I got there the green was all dotted with them—it's the prettiest sight and sound in England.

To begin with, as I became gradually aware, she was much the prettiest of the three.

"The truest and the prettiest," was the satisfactory answer.

You must bow to the prettiest, kneel to the wittiest, and kiss the one you love best.

You needn't fear about my not dressing you in your prettiest, Miss Dorothy.