Prettiness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Prettiness:

Her prettiness, indeed, was chiefly in slender plumpness and bloom.

And with that she went into raptures over the prettiness of the rooms.

For all her joy and all her prettiness, Naomi was a burden which only love could bear.

This was something too remote from the prettiness of the nursery.

But Alston Choate, she saw, was not going to find it a road to prettiness.

I like intelligence, prettiness, and youth--must have them at any cost!

She was little, very slight, very pretty, but her prettiness was peculiar.

There were no thoughts,—unless of her own prettiness and her own fortunes.

Not only is beauty replaced by prettiness, but by prettiness in season and out of season.

They're cold and flabby, like cabbages, in spite of their prettiness.