Pretzel [noun]

Definition of Pretzel:

hard, often salted, baked wafer

Synonyms of Pretzel:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pretzel:


Sentence/Example of Pretzel:

He was gettin' himself as twisted as a pretzel, when Old Hickory breaks in.

That's how I got to the car, and was warmly greeted by Pretzel.

"Don't forget to leave my stuff where I told you, Pretzel," he called.

Jo opened the bag, fished out a pretzel and began to nibble it.

You giants must know that you haven't the chance of a pretzel at a Dutch wedding.

I give him the old razz—but that night he tries for his pretzel bend, and misses.

Had a trick hold he called the pretzel bend—hard to apply, but good for a submission every time when he clamped it on.

He says iffen he has to he'll use his pretzel bend, and they ain't no Martian on six legs, or eight, what won't say uncle.

So after that Jacob always brought teacher a pretzel without any salt on it.

When the pretzel was raised and had doubled in size 'twas baked in a moderately hot oven.