Prevailed [verb]

Definition of Prevailed:

dominate, control

Opposite/Antonyms of Prevailed:

Sentence/Example of Prevailed:

Wise counsels, like those which gave us the Constitution, prevailed to uphold it.

And to the violence which prevailed was added the most unblushing bribery.

I did not intend to write; but your too-kind sister has prevailed upon me.

My humanity gave way for some time; but God was with me, and in the end I prevailed.

But in the end he prevailed on her to promise not to leave the city until she had seen him again.

At last she prevailed upon her mother to get upon the other chair.

A long silence, continued the lady, prevailed in the whole company.

In past times, especially, the most terrible disorder had prevailed.

Steam, in all its applications, was argued against and rejected; yet it has prevailed.

Why had she not prevailed over her mother's fear of being "skimpy?"