Prevails [verb]

Definition of Prevails:

dominate, control

Opposite/Antonyms of Prevails:

Sentence/Example of Prevails:

Between these two classes of students there prevails perpetual hostility.

She prevails, and rescues him from the mysterious perils of the library.

Behold how the wicked tyranny of worldly power, the might of darkness, prevails.

But Shakib prevails upon him to turn his face toward the West.

It is the peremptory military spirit which prevails in the government of honour.

The state of anarchy which prevails must be witnessed to be understood.

The area where it prevails spread last year and took in Utah and Idaho.

She prevails, Jove sleeps, and Neptune seizes the opportunity to aid the Trojans.

The dumb may pray, and that too with the eloquence that prevails in heaven.

The same quality and the same character, the same sense of beauty, prevails in all of them.