Prevaricates [verb]

Definition of Prevaricates:

deceive; stretch the truth

Synonyms of Prevaricates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prevaricates:

Sentence/Example of Prevaricates:

He does not shuffle or prevaricate, dodge or skulk; but is honest, upright, and straightforward.

Do you say this to irritate and offend me, or do you prevaricate out of shame?

It is so hard for him to prevaricate: and it is bitter as death to tell the truth, now.

Florio was vain enough to prevaricate on a matter of this nature.

He told the truth, just as some boys quibble and prevaricate, simply and naturally.

Occasionally some child of sin would endeavour to prevaricate.

He was not there to prevaricate, and he told them his rank and name.

He should have no opportunity to prevaricate if I once challenged him.

To prevaricate with herself or with him was out of the question.

She was not offended, but a feminine impulse prompted her to prevaricate.